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Town Centre and High Streets Survey

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Dear Residents,

Last weekend as part of Small Business Saturday I visited independent shops throughout the constituency. Even before Covid our high streets and town centres were struggling.

I have been lobbying in Westminster to get extra funding for Ashfield and Eastwood which as resulted in Ashfield being shortlisted  for an amount up to £75 million to help regenerate our area. I have also met with Ministers and the leader at Broxtowe Council to make sure that Eastwood and Brinsley is included in the next round of funding.

However, I think there are other things we can do locally that can help our high streets and town centres for example earlier this year ADC agreed to my idea of two hours free parking.I want to know what you think as well so I have produced a survey for you to complete.

I will publish the results and present them to Ashfield District Council, Broxtowe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.
1. Do you agree with me that our local Councils should have a presence in our Town Centres i.e cash offices that would see more residents come into town and hopefully spend more money in town
2. Car park charges for 4 hours or more in Ashfield have recently doubled which is affecting low paid shop workers– Do you think ADC should scrap this increase?
3. Are you happy with our Bus Service?
4. I am currently working with the Department of Transport to try and secure a passenger rail service through Selston – Do you support more regional railways?
5. Do you think we should have more CCTV in our town centres?
6. Do you feel safe when shopping on our high streets and in our town centres?
7. Is there enough police presence in our towns?