Boundary Commission Review 2023

You may have seen in the news recently that the Boundary Commission, an independent and impartial non departmental public body, has published its review into Parliamentary Constituencies, and their recommendations for boundary changes. The Commission has put together changes to make Parliamentary constituencies fall within certain electorate size parameters. In short, to make constituencies represent a more uniform number of constituents. The statutory electoral range they are working off is:

The UK electoral quota for the 2023 Review is, to the nearest whole number – 73,393. Every constituency must be no less than 95% of this quota, nor 105% more than the quota. This means that every constituency must have an electorate that is no smaller than 69,724 and no larger than 77,062.

This means broadly that City seats will take on more constituents, and the Rural seats will have to be reduced in turn.

What does this mean for Ashfield & Eastwood?

Based on the electoral quota stated above, Ashfield would need to be reduced in size. Under the current proposals from the Commission published on 8th June, Ashfield Parliamentary Constituency would:

LOSE all Eastwood Wards, namely Eastwood Hall, Eastwood Hill Top and Eastwood St Mary’s. Ashfield would also LOSE the Brinsley Ward, meaning that Ashfield Constituency would no longer encompass part of Broxtowe Borough Council as it currently does.

To keep Ashfield within the electoral quota, it would then GAIN 2 wards from Mansfield Parliamentary Constituency, namely Brick Kiln and Grange Farm.

This would mean that Ashfield Parliamentary constituency would then encompass the majority of Ashfield District Council area (minus Hucknall) and a small part of Mansfield District Council.

You can see the proposed changes by heading to:

There you can view the proposed boundaries for Ashfield, and all the East Midlands.

Do we have a say?

Yes. These changes are not imposed upon us de facto; we have multiple opportunities to engage with the process and let our thoughts and insights be known. For this first proposal, we have until the 2nd August 2021 to engage with the consultation.

You can do this by going to the Boundary Commission website below:

There will be a second consultation in due course, after this current one has finished, and comments have been considered. You can read in detail about the whole process following the link below:

I hope you have found this brief explainer helpful. If you have any questions, let me know.


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