Improving Transport Infrastructure in Ashfield & Eastwood

Ashfield & Eastwood residents deserve a 1st Class transport system.

Restoring old Railway lines such as the Maid Marian Line will help improve access to jobs and more for those in rural Ashfield & Eastwood.

I have secured £50,000 from Government to carry out a feasibility study for this.

I am also sponsoring a bid for train stations at King’s Mill and Selston.

More recently, £1m has been secured to draft a detailed plan to reopen the Maid Marian Line to passengers as part of the Integrated Rail Plan.

A new £15m plan has also been approved to fix Nottinghamshire's broken roads.


Access for All: Kirkby-in-Ashfield Station

Great News the Access for All (AFA) scheme.

I have heard from Network Rail and the Government that the new AFA submission date is confirmed as 16th September 2022, therefore it is the intention to submit bids formally in accordance with this new date.

141 Bus Service Saved for a Year

Nottinghamshire residents celebrate as Nottinghamshire County Council uses Covid Relief money to extend the 141 Bus Service for a year.

Maid Marian Line moves a step closer

Lee Anderson, MP for Ashfield and Eastwood, was delighted to learn that his lobbying of the Prime Minister is paying off to improve local trainlines.

Lee Anderson - open the Maid Marion Line

This afternoon I once again met the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps along with Nottinghamshire colleagues from Sherwood, Mansfield and Bolsover to ask for our Maid Marion line to be opened up for our isolated communities.