Ashfield MP calls for housing developers to repair 'unmaintained' estate preventing residents from selling up

Eastwood and Ashfield MP Lee Anderson has urged housing developers to repair a ‘unmaintained’ estate which is preventing residents from selling their homes.

Mr Anderson met with officials from Nottinghamshire County Council, Persimmon Homes and residents on Owston Road, Annesley to discuss the maintenance problems on the estate which home-owners say have been an issue for the last seven years.

Owston Road residents have complained the estate is ‘unadopted’ by Persimmon Homes who developed the site and is ‘unmaintained’ which is preventing people from selling their homes.

Resident Alan Warhurst, claims the council will not adopt the estate due to the permeable roads that lack a proper drainage system, which has caused weeds and a block in the road for those trying to move.

Lee Anderson MP said: “This problem has been dragged on for too long and residents deserve better.

“When my residents work hard to buy a property, they expect high standards.

"Unfortunately, on this occasion the developer has not worked in the interests of residents.

“I brought Persimmon Homes, Nottinghamshire Council and residents together to sort out this problem.

"I have given Persimmons until August to come up with a schedule to complete all works so that the roads can be adopted.

"I have had problems with housing developments in the past and I will not ignore residents who need help in getting their estates adopted and finished to a reasonable standard.”

Director of Persimmon Homes, Dan Endersby, has apologised to Mr Warhurst for the inconvenience caused by the delays in getting the road adopted.