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I was disappointed to learn that a group of travellers have pitched up on Sutton Lawn, having previously illegally resided at the site in the past and, despite Ashfield District Council issuing legal orders for them to leave, they returned yesterday.

Ashfield MP says controlled immigration is a win-win for everyone

Throughout history, people have arrived in this country to work, raise a family and make a better life for themselves.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

My mother-in-law came here from Ireland more than 50 years ago and spent 47 years working as a nurse

CHAD Weekly Column

This week the much-anticipated application process for furloughed workers opened for employers. Businesses all over Ashfield and Eastwood will be able to survive this pandemic due to this unprecedented scheme put together by the Chancellor of The Exchequer.

CHAD Weekly Column

Easter weekend is normally the busiest time of year for people to holiday, visit family and loved ones as well as take a well-earned break either at home or on holiday.

CHAD Weekly Column

Last week the Chancellor announced a new financial package to help the self-employed throughout this difficult time.