New housing scheme is great news for first-time buyers

Last week, the Government announced that a new generation of homeowners will be able to get on the housing ladder due to a new scheme that will see the cost of some new homes cut by 30 per cent, writes Lee Anderson MP.

This is great news for first-time buyers in Ashfield.

Nottinghamshire MPs meet Policing Minister Kit Malthouse

Good meeting with the other Conservative Notts MPs and Policing Minister Kit Malthouse talking about policing priorities in our county and ensuring that Nottinghamshire Police gets its fair share of increased funding & officers. 

Working together we will get things done.

Lee Anderson - Monday update

On the train the Westminster as the House sits at 2.30pm for more debates on the Queen's speech.

Travellers at the Sutton Leisure Centre

I hear that there is another illegal camp set up in Sutton at the Leisure Centre.This is something I have raised with our Home Secretary who is now working on changes to our laws to ensure police have much greater power to remove these sites as soon as possible.

Lee Anderson - a boost to the North

It is quite clear that our PM sees a strong future in our new 'Heartlands' in the North. We are now looking at moving our Campaign Headquarters up into the Midlands or North. This can only be good for our area.