Lee Anderson visits hospital

I spent this morning with the Chief Exec, Medical Director and Chief Nurse touring the hospital meeting and greeting the fantastic staff who work so hard for us 365 days a year. We are very lucky to have such a great hospital on our doorstep.

Lee Anderson: Great News From the Queen's Speech.

Great News From the Queen's Speech.

1. Tougher laws on Travellers to include posessing their caravans if they set up an illegal camp.

2. Free Voter I.D to be introduced.

3. No parole to murders who refuse to disclose where the body is.

Lee Anderson takes his seat in Parliament

This is where you sent me.

Over the next five years I will be fighting to make our area a better place to live and work.

Looking forward to talking about our brilliant area in this fantastic chamber.

Lee Anderson - Day 1 in Parliament

A long day. 8am start and just finished. Rousing speech and reception from Boris as he met all his new MP's. He gave a special mention to the pit villages and northern towns who backed us. They will not be forgotten. I wished Ashfield could have been here to hear him. More to come.

Lee Anderson is the Conservative MP for Ashfield

Lee Anderson has been elected as the Conservative Member of Parliament for Ashfield. Lee is the first Conservative to win the seat since 1977. He won with a majority of 5,733 and a vote share of 39.3%